Date of birth: March 2, 1979
Place of birth: Berlin, Germany
Height: 1,79m
Hometown: Berlin, Germany
Hobbies: biking, rollerblading, music
Started skating in: 1983
Former coaches: Viola Striegler, Rolf Oesterreich
Former partners: Christine Tiltmann, Mariana Kautz



Date of birth: May 25, 1984
Place of birth: Hundersted, Denmark
Height: 1,62m
Hometown: Berlin, Germany
Hobbies: skiing, dancing, painting, waterskiing
Started skating in: 1987
Former coaches: John Post Ferdinansen,Lars Dresler, Manette Olson, Henrik Walentin

Norman & Mikkeline
Club: SC Berlin
Coach: Knut Schubert
Coreographers: Diana Goolsbey, Natasha Devisch
Teamed up in: may 2002


More info about Mikkeline:
Mikkeline comes from a big family. She has 6 younger sisters and brothers! She has a sister, Anemone, who is 3 years younger than her and who used to be a competitive skater too. Mikkeline also has five foster siblings (three girls: Sille, Michela and Maja, and two boys: Casper and Mats). "We really feel like a big family, and I see these kids as my own sisters and brothers", she said.
She is very good at languages and is fluent in English and in German. She would like to be a journalist.
Her favorite hobbies are sports like waterskiing, rollerblading and snowboarding, painting and drawing (mostly skaters), and also reading and writing stories.
Mikkeline's favorite skater and biggest source of inspiration is Michelle Kwan: "She has always been something special to me. I love her elegance and beauty on the ice. She has great appearance on and off the ice. She's also a very good front-figure as a sportsman. "