2004/2005 - 2002 - 2001

April 25, 2005

I'm finally 100% healthy again and we are very happy to be back on the ice, practicing everyday on and off the ice to get ready for the new season. The last two months we have been working on building up our condition and fitness and getting the feeling back on the ice. After half a year out of practice it's hard work to get back in shape and to "find" the skating skills again, but we are both so thankful to be able to practice again and enjoying the process.

Last week we were in Munich to work on our programs with Kati Winkler and René Lohse. It's great to work with such fantastic and creative skaters, and we feel like they can help us build in some interesting and difficult ice-dancing skills between the pairs skating elements.

We will keep our programs from last year, but we have worked both programs and made several changes.

Our short program music is from "Austin Powers", which we skated in the 2003/2004 season. It's very funky and funny. It's a lot of fun to skate to this kind of dancy music.

Our free program music is from a Berlin musical called "Paradise of Pain" and it is a wonderful, dramatic and powerful piece of music. We made this program one year ago, but since we never got to skate competitions this season due to illness, we will show it for the first time in front of an audience and judges this season.

This summer, the German skating federation has once again arranged a pairs training camp in Obersdorf with the Russian coaches Tamara Moskvina and her husband Igor Moskvin. All five German senior pairs will be there for about 3 weeks in June/July to work with them.

I assume that our first competition will be Nebelhorn Trophy in Obersdorf in the end of September. Until then we have a lot of work ahead of us...

Mikkeline (and Norman)


February 2005

Since I changed to pairs skating and moved to Berlin in May 2002, I have had undescribable bad luck when it comes to my health. One thing has followed the other, and as soon as I recovered from one illness or my partner Norman Jeschke got back after an injury, I got sick again. It has been a couple of tough years, but it has also made me stronger and wiser for the future.
This last half year (since September 2004) I have had serious problems with my immune system, and I had to make a long break from all practice activities. I have been off the ice for several months now, and been through different treatments.
In this time away from the ice, I have had time to work on an other project of mine. I have written a traveler's guide for Berlin. I have come to know and love Berlin so much that I wish to share my insider tips with the danish youth, who visits Berlin.
Now I can finally slowly start practicing again. I miss skating and practicing, and I really hope we will stay healthy from now on, so that we'll finally have the chance to work on the ice and go for our dreams.
I think we will get back in shape in time to start the new season in september/ october 2005. Our goal is to make it to the Olympics in Turin. The first step is the German nationals in January 2006.The top 3 German pairs will go to the European Championships in Lyon. This is where the final qualification for the Olympics will be decided.
It would be a dream come true for me to experience the olympic spirit. I would also love to go to the 2005 Worlds in Calgary. The Canadians are such a great skating audience.
Even though it's been a long time since I appeared on the international skating scene, I haven't given up, and I am quite sure my partner and I will be back on the "stage" soon.
I am more motivated than ever. I miss skating in front of an audience in a huge arena. I am looking forward to many years of competitions and shows ahead.
I am especially looking forward to Turin next year and Vancouver 2010.
Sincerely, Mikkeline :-)


May 9, 2004

I am sorry it has been so long since I wrote last time.I will tell you about how I feel about my change to pairs now after 2 years, how the last two seasons went, the situation right now and our plans/goals for the upcoming season and the future.

It's been exactly 2 years now since I moved to Berlin after I decided to change to pair skating. This change has been the best decicion in my life. Pair skating has opened my eyes for a whole new dimension of skating and I love the challenge and fun it is to be a team on the ice and in the daily practice process, - that you always have someone by your side, one to share your dreams with, someone to motivate you to give your best everyday. We share the wonderful moments and fight through the difficult times together.Together with our coach, Knut Schubert, we have become a great team - we work really well together, so it's fun to practice and satisfying that the three of us give it 100%.
The training conditions and facilities at our rink are great - I have no complaints.
I've really settled in Berlin now, and the more I get to know the city, the more I love it here. I have my own nice appartment now - I moved out from the sport collage in September last year. It's nice to finally have something of my own.
In fact I like Berlin so much that I've decided to write a personal travel guide for young danish people coming to visit Berlin. At the moment I am researching and writing on a presentation to represent the idea for a publisher.

The last two seasons: Even though we've been skating together for 2 years now, we've actually only been able to practice pair skating a couple of months in total. We have been so unfortunate regarding health and injuries these last two seasons! But even with all the diffucult times we've had, we have grown as a team and involved on the ice during the times when we were able to practice together.
2002/2003:The first season I was off the ice for several months due to health problems. First I had a serious concorsion after crashing into another skater on the ice and hitting my head on the ice. Later I was hospitalised because of a stomach infection, which resulted in our withdrawal from German Nationals in January 2003.
In February 2003 I got a heart infection, which is a very serious and dangerous matter. I was practically fighting for my life. After more than a 2 months break I had to start very, very slowly getting back in practice and back on the ice again. Having survived this, I now appreciate my life much more and I've become aware of how lucky I am to have the possibility to skate, so I enjoy every moment.
2003/2004:Over the summer 2003 we were working with Tamara Moskvina and Igor Moskvin in St. Petersburg, which was a great experience for us. In September 2003 we skated our first international competition (Nebelhorn Trophy) after beeing only few weeks back on the ice after my long break. As soon as we hoped that we would finally start off the new season without any more problems at last, Norman got injured. He torn a muscle in his right leg during a practice session on the ice and had to make a 7-week break. Once again, we had to withdraw from our scheduled competitions in the fall.In December 2003 we were invited to skate on Katarina Witt's "Enjoy the Stars on ice" tour through Germany. It was an incredible experience for us, which we will never forget!
In January this year we skated at our first German Championships and we ended up 3rd. We were not really satisfied with our performances, but it's understandable since we hadn't been able to get ready because of Norman's injury. Even if we had been in 1st or 2nd place we were not allowed to skate at this year's Europeans or Worlds. Due to the ISU regulations I have to wait more than two years after changing from Denmark to Germany, which means that I can skate my first ISU Championship for Germany in 2005.
This spring we've been doing really great progress, - we finally had a few months of practice without any break. We managed the triple twist, our triple throughs (Salchow and Loop) and our side by side triple jumps were getting consistent, all our pair elements had improved and we were getting more speed over the ice. But - believe it or not - we were unlucky once again! During a warm up at a training camp with Igor Moskvin in Chemnitz at the end of February, Norman twisted his ankle and torn 3 bands in his left foot. Now, after a 9-week break, he is finally getting slowly back on the ice and we can start preparing for the next season.

Upcoming season: We still haven't decided if we will make two new programs for the next season, or if we'll keep one program from last season... It'll be a surprise! This summer we are going to work with Tamara Moskvina and Igor Mosikvin in Oberstdorf. It's a training camp for the german pair teams, which is supported by the olympic "Team Turin Project".
Our first competition will be Nebelhorn Trophy. In the fall we will be skating some international competitions and hopefully we will get the chance to skate at a Grand Prix event. Our goal for the season is to win the German Nationals, so we will qualify for Europeans and Worlds and make a great debut there! Most of all I hope we will stay healthy and free from injuries. I look forward to the new season, and all the years to come.

We are still only at the very begining of our career and we plan to stay for many years - hopefully participating in the 2006 Olympics in Turin and fighting for a medal in Vancouver at the 2010 Winter Olympics!!!!

Best regards,

Mikkeline :-)