Participating in the trivia game is basically simple: you just have to answer to the question and then send your answer! Every two weeks I will make a new question. If nobody finds the correct answer, I will wait until I get one right answer. Sometimes you'll be able to find the answer on this site, sometimes you won't!
The names of the winners and the correct answer will be posted on the site on Sunday.
There are 4 different levels:
Junior: 1-2 correct answers
Senior bronze: 3-5 correct answers
Senior silver: 6-10 correct answers
Senior gold:10 correct answers
Senior gold winners win a photo from my photo album.


Who is the "mystery skater"?


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Previous question was:

When did Gordeeva & Grinkov win their first European title?
The answer was: 1988
Sarah MgGrath
Lauren Taylor
Trish B

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