I have quite a "collection" of autographs, letters, etc, that I received from various skaters. Everything is so precious to me! I wanted to share these things with you though!:-) I would like to say thank you to all the skaters who took the time to reply to my letters. I appreciate it so much. I scanned some of the pictures I received from the skaters but not all of them. In fact I only got permission from J. Barry Mittan and Patinage Magazine (by the way I would like to thank them) to scan their pictures and didn't want to scan the other ones without permission.

The first thing I received was an autographed photo of Surya Bonaly in 1995. Actually a friend of mine met her at her training rink and made her autograph several pictures. When he knew I was a skating fan, he offered me one of them!:-) I was so glad! I didn't scan the whole picture because of copyrights, but here is the autograph:

Surya's autograph

When I attended Europeans in 1997, I was a big supporter of Irina Slutskaya. And she won!:-) After the medals ceremony, she and Yulia Lavrenchuk were posing for photographs at the other end of the rink. I wanted her to autograph my program, so I decided to call her, and she came! She was so cute and gave several autographs before leaving. In fact I got two autographs from her!:-) First I made her sign an "autograph page" which was in the program, and then I asked another one on a picture which also was in the program, and she autographed it! It really was great (Europeans were my birthday present and it is the greatest I've had so far!).

Then I attended Trophee Lalique in November the same year. I always bring little presents for the skaters and that night I gave bears to Tara Lipinski and Mandy Wötzel & Ingo Steuer. In January, I received an autographed photo from Tara! It was an awesome picture from her Nationals performance, with a true autograph on it (not a printed one)! The photo is (c) J.Barry Mittan and you can view it here. Again it was great because I received on January, 12th which happens to be my birthday!:-D At the end of January, I received two autographed photos from Mandy & Ingo! I thought it was really nice from them and I was happy!

A year after, I attended Trophee Lalique again and this time I went to the skaters' hotel after the competition.:-) It was an unforgettable experience! I met many skaters and asked for autographs and pictures (you can see the pictures here). I got autographs from Laetitia Hubert, Nicole Bobek, Vanessa Gusmeroli and Andrei Bushkov.

I gave bears to many skaters and got a reply from two of them. Michael Weiss sent me an autographed postcard of him just one month after the competition. He even wrote me the URL of his official website on the postcard! Then in June 1999 (7 months after the competition!!), I received a personally autographed photo of Vanessa Gusmeroli! It was a picture of her with her bronze medal at the 1997 Worlds and he wrote: "For Sabrina, Love," (it was written in French of course) and she autographed it! I was really glad that she finally replied!

In February 1999, I wrote to Philippe Candeloro for his birthday. I sent him a little card I made especially on my computer.:-) He wrote me back about one month after that! The thing that disappointed me was that the letter was printed...:-( It was better than nothing though! It was written in French and you can read it here. My translation of it would be: "I was very sensible to your kind regards for my birthday. I thank you with all my heart and I hope I'll see you soon. Big kisses, Philippe."

I wrote to Gwendal Peizerat for his birthday, too, in April 1999. I sent him a card and a long letter of support, and also a self-addressed stamped envelope and a photo I wanted to be autographed. I also sent a letter to Diana Poth the same day where I told her how much I loved her skating. Three weeks after that, I received a reply from Gwendal!!:-D He used the envelope I had sent him, and put a little sticker (it was a picture of him and Marina) on it which I thought was so cute... He sent me the photo back, and of course he autographed it and so did Marina.:-) He also sent me an autographed postcard of them performing their "Romeo & Juliet" program. the best thing was that he wrote a message at the back! He basically said thanks for my support and admiration and "here is a little souvenir of Romeo & Juliet"! It was great! Gwendal, if you are reading, thank you so much!
The next day, Diana Poth wrote me back! I felt so lucky! She was really nice and answered all the questions I had asked in my letter.:-) I had sent her a
picture of her that I wanted her to autograph for me and she sent it back! She even sent me a true photo of her which was autographed too! That was the best thing!! I thought it was really nice from her because she surely doesn't have tons of pictures to send to her fans like the well-known skaters have, but still she sent me a picture of her.:-)

In June 1999, I received a big autographed picture from Elvis Stojko! Actually, I had written him in March to wish him a happy birthday and to congratulate him on his great season. He sent me a beautiful photo from his 1997/1998 long program, and I really appreciated it!:-)

I like Diana Poth so much that I wrote her again at the beginning of July. This time I didn't ask for an autograph or something like that. I asked her if I could make her official website.;-) I told her I was probably her number one fan and that she deserved to have an official site just like Tara Lipinski or Oksana Baiul. Well, I almost couldn't believe it, but she gave me her approval about three weeks after I had written her!! She said it would be great if I made a site for her! And she also gave me some interesting information to add to the site. I was really happy!!:-D I was going to make the official site of one of my favourite skaters!! Thank you so much Diana, you are great.;-)

At the beginning of August 1999, I received another picture from Tara Lipinski! It was a picture of her with her gold medal at the Nagano Olympics. Actually, it was a postcard with a message to her fans on the back of it, and the autograph on the picture was printed this time. It was a great photo, though, and a beautiful addition to my "collection"!

At the end of September 1999, I finally received what I wanted most: an autographed picture from Michelle Kwan, my favorite skater! I don't know what letter she was answering to, because I had sent her 3 letters before that-one in January, another in April and a birthday book in July- but this was the best thing without a doubt! Thank you so much Michelle!!:-)

At Trophee lalique in November 1999, I got autographs from Ina & Zimmerman, Isabelle Duschesnay, Marya Butyrskaya and Sarah Hughes (I'm going to scan them later!). I also gave Sarah a little stuffed animal (see it here), and in January 2000, I received an autographed picture (copyright unknown) from her!! She was also kind enough to write a very nice message on it: "To Sabrina, thank you so much for the stuffed animal and your continued support! I loved France!". Thank you, Sarah!!:-)

In March 2000, I received an autographed picture (copyright Marc Evon) from Jennifer Robinson!:-) It was a reply to a letter I had given her along with a stuffed tiger (if you are a Jennifer fan, you will know that her nickname is "the tiger"!) at Trophee lalique. On the photo she wrote: "to Sabrina, thanks for your kind words!". Well, thank you Jennifer!!

Title photo (c) J.Barry Mittan

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