"Skating is all about combining the athletic and the artistic, being both a tiger and a butterfly." -Michelle Kwan.
That one sentence just sums up what figure skating is. The only sport where jumps, spins and power are put together with emotion, grace and sensibility. The sport with the widest range of champions. Look at Alexei Urmanov's dramatic and classical style, and then look at Elvis Stojko, the "king" of the quadruple jumps. Look at Surya Bonaly, the powerful gymnast on ice, and then look at the balletic line of Michelle Kwan.Here is an insight of the beauty of this unique sport.

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November 1
I updated the articles, the news, and the picture of the week. Please, if you participated in the trivia game over the last week, re-apply because for some reason my form wasn't working.

October 22
I updated the articles, the picture of the week, tha awards I've won, the trivia game, the results and my Anissina & Peizerat and Mikkeline Kierkgaard pages.



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