Gold award

Skating's Future: Sarah Hughes- by Lisa
Lisa's page looks very professional, it has creative design and original ideas. It contains lots of info and it is updated almost everyday! It is a wonderful page that I'm sure Sarah would be proud of!

Tara Lipinski: Olympic experience - by Lana Martin
This site is one of the best-designed I've seen! The graphics are wonderful and the menu bar is really great! It really reflects Tara's style well too. I was very impressed by this site. Lana is a true webmaster! She really knows what design means! Congratulations!

The Unofficial Sarah Hughes web page - by Diane
I love this page! The design is elegant, it has tons of info about Sarah, and lots of pictures too. Without a doubt this is the best Sarah Hughes page on the Net. The game room is a lot of fun too!:-) Everything is very interesting. Great job, Diane!

Sasha Cohen: with dreams of gold - by Dustin
I love this page because it has a wonderful layout. The graphics are wonderful and the navigation is easy. And it has a lot of info on Sasha of course. Well done, Dustin!

Silver award

Anissina & Peizerat: Drama on ice - by Nusrat Khan
This is a great page about Marina & Gwendal!:-) It has one of the biggest A&P photo album, it is informative and I had a lot of fun visiting it.:-)

Elvis Stojko: Heart of Gold - by Julie
This site is full of interesting info and great ideas. The layout is very eye-pleasing, and the frame is very useful. It also has great pictures, tons of things about Elvis (and skating!), and I love the greeting cards!:-) This site is without a doubt on its way to gold!

Figure skating in Uzbekistan - by Jayne
A great page! I learnt many things from it, and I like the fact that it focuses on lesser known skaters!

Jordanna's skating haven: World champion Todd Eldredge - by Jordanna Morgan
A very good page about Todd! I especially like the support buttons and the skating fiction. :-)

Malinina Magic - by Jayne and Clay
This is the only page about Tatyana Malinina and it is a very good page!!:-) What I like about this site is that it is very unique, with its own contents and pictures (many pics of Tatyana that I had never seen). A great work!

Marya Butyrskaya: Russia's Ice Queen - by Lulu
I enjoyed my visit there.:-) This site has a lot of original content. It is well-presented, and very complete. A great page, very close from the gold award.

Naomi Nari Nam: super skater - by Dusty
A very good page about Naomi, with many things to visit and enjoy!

Sarah Hughes: super skater - by Dusty
Dusty has made another great page, this time about Sarah Hughes!:-)

Sasha Cohen: super skater - by Dusty
This page contains a lot of info about Sasha and is worth the visit.:-)

Ice World figure skating - by Dusty
This page has good contents, some very original ideas, and it is improving all the time!

Tara Lipinski: star on ice - by Dusty
A very good page about Tara, I especially like the title graphics.

The Cutting Edge - by Kathleen
I really like this page and it is very close from the gold award. It has a lot of information and the design is elegant, and it also has original and clever ideas.

Bronze award

Lauren's World of figure skating - by Lauren Taylor
Lauren has made a very good page, and she seems to be a very good skater too!:-) I like the way the pictures are organized, very original!

Tara Lipinski: The Champion in our hearts- by Michelle
A good site about Tara, with lots of potential. The photos are great and the homepage is beautiful. The "notebook" is a great idea.:-)

Tara Lipinski: an ice-skating sweetheart - by Ashli
This is a beautiful Tara Lipinski page with very eye-pleasing graphics.

SkateGodsFan 's Figure Skating Fan Pages - by Toni
This site is really good, with info on all of your favorite skaters!

Title photo (c) Olivier Brajon

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