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Trivia awards I've won

6.0 Super skating award

Super skating site award
Awarded by Drama on ice: Anissina & Peizerat
On December 5, 1999
I especially like your banners and articles, because a lot of sites don't have the news info that I like! Great Job!!!
Thanks Nusrat!

splendid skating site!

Splendid skating site
Awarded by The Unofficial Sarah Hughes web page
On December 2, 1999
I love your page! It is really designed well and I like the colors a lot. Keep up the good work!
Thanks Diane!

Golden skating site

Golden skating site
Awarded by Elegance defined: Lisa's Michelle Kwan fan page
On October 6, 1999
I love this page! It is extremely unique and beautiful!
Thanks Lisa!

Site of the month

Site of the month of October
Awarded by On the Ice
On October 1, 1999
Wow!!! Great site....
Thanks Amy!

award of perfection

Award of perfection
Awarded by Tara Lipinski: on Skates and Wings
On October 1, 1999
Your site is very good. Keep up the great work!
Thanks Devon!

critical mass award

Critical Mass award
Awarded by The Critical Mass
On October 1, 1999
A very nice site, excellent design, clever and original graphics, great photos, and your content is informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access. A worthy tribute and a positive contribution to the Web.
Thanks !


figure skating site with creativity and excellence

Skating site with creativity and excellence
Awarded by Michelle Kwan: grace on ice
On September 21, 1999
Thanks Padma!


Spectacular skating site!

Spectacular skating site
Awarded by Amelia's skating heaven
On September 20, 1999
I love your page! It's just terrific. I'm more than happy to award you with my Spectacular Skating Site award.
Thanks Amelia!


Excellent Site

Excellent site
Awarded by Elvis Stojko: Heart of gold
On September 20, 1999
A site that has a lot fun stuff to do. I like this site a lot 'cause it is neat and has many things.
Thanks Julie!

What a Little Bitty Pretty Site!

What a little bitty pretty site!
Awarded by Naomi Nari Nam: Star of the Future
On September 19, 1999
You have a very beautiful page!
Thanks Ellery!

Title photo (c) Olivier Brajon

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