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Trivia awards I've won

 Beautiful site award

Beautiful site award
Awarded by Colleen's Corner
On October 12, 2000
" I enjoyed my visit to your site, The Ice Gallery, very much. Your pages are all beautifully done with very interesting and informative content. I am very pleased to award you with my Beautiful Site Award."
Thanks Colleen!

 Site of the Month

Site of the Month (October)
Awarded by Ice Skating Online
On October 9, 2000
"Your site is very nice, good luck with it!"
Thanks Lisa!

 Tritia's silver award of excellence

Tritia's Silver Award of Excellence
Awarded by Tritia's Silver & Golden Persians
On October 5, 2000
"The Ice Gallery is a lovely site filled with useful content, fast loading and easy to navigate. I enjoyed my visit immensely and would encourage others to visit. The Ice Gallery is definitely an asset to the Internet Community."
Thanks Tritia!

 Figure skating gold site

IceWorld Figure Skating gold site
Awarded by Ice World figure skating
On April 1, 2000
Thanks Dustin!


Salé & Pelletier excellence award
Awarded by Grace exemplified: Sale & Pelletier
On March 20, 2000
This site is *packed*! A general skating site with info on *all* your favorites! Includes a photo gallery (With tons of skaters, not just a few!), mailing lists, results, trivia, support buttons, articles, (A HUGE list has been compiled!), skater's birthdays, fan mail addresses, schedules, and more. You *have* to check this site out, and ASAP! The Webmistress' dedication and hard work on this site definitely shows! :-)
Thanks Shannon!

 The Cutting Edge excellence award


The Cutting Edge excellence award
Awarded by The Cutting Edge
On March 12, 2000
Thanks Kathleen!


Cool site award


Cool site award
Awarded by Sandrine's Pasha Grishuk page
On February 20, 2000
"I like your site a lot because it has a lot of information and pictures of many skaters."
Thanks Sandrine!



Mark of the Queen award
Awarded by Queen's Throne
On January 11, 2000
I hereby award you with the Mark of the Queen Award for a well done site. I can see that you are a dedicated skating fan and your site provides a lot of information. :) Keep up the good work !
Thanks Su-Queen!


Award for excellent work


Award for excellent work
Awarded by Tara Lipinski: Talent on ice
On January 8, 2000
Thanks Michelle!


Champion site award


Champion site award
Awarded by Jordanna's skating haven
On January 4, 2000
Thanks Jordanna!


Official Kwanland awesome site


Official Kwanland awesome site
Awarded by Kwanland
On December 30, 1999
Thanks Andrea!

Page of the month


Page of the month of December
Awarded by Elvis Stojko: Heart of gold
On December 11, 1999
It was truly a joy to visit this site. This site has a lot of information and is very fun to visit.
Thanks Julie!


Title photo (c) Olivier Brajon

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