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Washington awarded 2003 championships
A classic change of pace
Bourne and Kraatz to train in Ottawa
Hamilton awarded 2002 Nationals
Dancers get capital idea
Dore receives Olympic comittee honour

Over coffee with Oksana Baiul
Accused skating coach takes new job
Kwan puts school on ice for skating tour
Bourne and Kraatz assigned to ISU meets
Harding guilty of beating boyfriend
Kwan invited to Skate Canada
Meeting could sprout some real Ice Wars
Kwan skating by
Ice dancers Lang and Tchernysev leave DSC
Lipinski adds cap and gown to routine
Kwan wins record eighth USOC award
USOC honors Kwan, Hunter and Women's Olympic Archery team with Athletes of the month awards
Kitchener and Saskatoon get major pre-Olympics meet
Cue the ageless gladiator...Elvis Stojko
No pro, says Stojko
Skating Magazine readers select Michael Weiss as skater os the year
Skating to a crossroad
Stojko taking one last shot at Olympic gold
Thrills and chills
Galindo is not simply skating through life
COA launches program to reap medals
Robinson eyes top five ranking
Stojko hints he'll continue competing
Coaching change on ice
Goebel picks Los Angeles-based Carroll as new coach
Local skater receives award
USFSA to change selection routine
Winning children to skate with Stojko
Kwan is due back for Skate America
Colorado Springs to stage Skate America

Little comet blazes new trail
"Over the Hill" has a flip side
Torvill and Dean honored in Britain
She's still got that edge
Bobek eyes Olympics again
Hughes' gold route goes through Toledo
New hope for former World ice dance champion
Galindo gains strength
New hope for Krylova
Stars on Ice tour likely Hamilton's finale
Galindo bears up under HIV
Skating stars
Krylova dealing with back injury
Stars on Ice turns 10 with hip show
London skaters sweep to titles
America's Bittersweet heart
Derochie takes skating to sea
Browning kicks off tour
Bizzare happenings turn Worlds into Weirds
Skater Rudy Galindo faces AIDS
Mostly, Nice wasn't nice
Skating on thin ice
Bourne & Kraatz taking new steps?
Skater Galindo HIV positive
Russian skaters relieved of European title
Russian pair stripped of European title
Kwan victory has Canadian content
Elvis Stojko has Vancouver on his mind
Kwan wins title at World Championships
Kwan wins women's title
Accident shakes up DSC dancers
A fine line, Jenny
Kwan flip rates as flop with the judges
Elvis likely to return for another go-round

March 2000
French Dancers Win Gold
French capture the dance world title
Anissina and Peizerat take gold in dance
Gold for France; Canadians 10th in final ice dance
French first in final ice dance standings
Bulgarian ice dancer undergoes surgery after practice...
Denkova undergoes surgery, Krylova visits
Denkova hospitalized after collision
Anissina and Peizerat take gold in dance
What champions are made of
Anissina, Peizerat take dance gold
Russians lead Kwan after short program
Butyrskaya leads after women's short
The benefit of years
Ice dancer injured
Glass is half full for Sale, Pelletier
Russians beat Kwan in short program
She is figure skating
Robinson is 11th in women's singles
Good old Elvis!
Italians play Nice
Silver lining for Elvis
Pro skaters snubbed for 2002
Stojko wins silver
Yagudin wins men's title
Latin rhythms around the World Championship
Yagudin captures third world title
Slashed skater received death threats
Yagudin rescues 3rd straight title
New dance seems fair enough
Fusar-Poli & Margaglio Steal Lead
The dangers of pair skating
Flash fall: A horror revisited
ISU President says no to pros at Olympics
Pair in despair
Petrova and Tikhonov take the pairs title
Injured French skater wins bronze
Unhappy ending for `Love Story'
Slutskaya beats Kwan in women's qualifying
A problem-plagued championship
Medal dream ends for Sale, Pelletier
Russian Pair New World Champs
Ukrainian pairs skater injured in fall
Sale and Pelletier miss out on medal
Russians capture pairs gold, Canadians fourth, 10th
Ukrainian pairs skater Palamarchuk injured in fall
Hughes, Nikodinov taking advantage of situtation
Slutskaya takes first in women's qualifying
Robinson proves she can compete
The King is ... old
Bizarre attack probed
French skater hurt in knife attack
Yagudin leads the men's competition
Ice dancers can't savor lead
Canadians worried about security
French skater slashed on arm at hotel
Stojko falls to fourth
Testing positive
Security concerns in Nice
French skaters attacked in hotel room
Elvis finds new charm
Canuck pair third despite stumble
Cough medicine to blame for ban, says coach
Recent events knock skating world for a loop
Salé, Pelletier in hunt for Gold
Sale and Pelletier third, Sargeant and Wirtz 11th
Chinese soar into lead after short program
Can Kwan win at worlds?
Yagudin has an impressive new program
French skater slashed with razor in hotel room
Russian coach 'embarrassed' by positive test
Fourth title a formidable task for Stojko
Reigning pairs champs fail drug test
Failed drug test ousts pairs champions from worlds
Pairs Event Gains Interest
World Champ Butyrskaya Stumbles into Reality
Stojko ready to try for fourth world title
Ukrainians win at Junior Worlds
Soldatova angers Russians with Belarus plan
Savoie leads US men junior skaters

February 2000
Tonya Harding pleads not guilty to violence charge
Sale, Pelletier win skating title
Nikodinov wins at Four Continents
Despite numbers, skating doesn't rate
Goebel Thrills, Weiss lands in First
Kwan wins fourth U.S. title in shaky manner
Fortunate one
Kwan will cherish this title
Short program filled with surprises
Cohen, Hughes impress; Kwan falls to third
One skater's performance can scramble standings
Coach Nicks has up and down day
Youngsters step over Kwan
A fallen Kwan is aware pressure is on her foes
Cohen, 15, makes stunning debut
Kwan trailing Cohen and Hughes after fall in short program
Youngsters offer Kwan a lesson
Sasha steps into spotlight
Kwan falls out of goddess role
Kwan crestfallen as music continues but her feet don't
Weiss wins second U.S. figure skating title
Goebel hits quads, flies into history
Are quint jumps on menís horizon?
Slutskaya poised to reclaim crown
Kwan suddenly finds herself in third
Kwan willing to pay for last shot at gold
Graceful Ina-Zimmerman duo wins title
French win Ice dance title
Pekarek, Silverstein finish 2nd
Butyrskaya fades but Russians still dominate
After miracle recovery, Binnebose hopes to return
Kwan enjoys hectic lifestyle
Kwan says she's up to challenge from young newcomers
Leap Year
Men leave quads on ice
Weiss leads after ragged short program
Slutskaya wins short skating program
Dancers defend title with soulful program
'Hometown' favorite does not disappoint
Figure skating gets no respect from men
Jumps aside, Weiss gains short edge
Detroit team retains U.S. ice dancing title
Tchernyshev and Lang win again in dance
Weiss first on well-executed programs
Kwan knows grace, artistry may no longer be enough
Plushenko wins figure skating title
Kwan to get technical in face of triple threats
Study Break
Rested pair skate to victory
Shining short progam lifts Weiss into lead
Lang-Tchernyshev get dance title
Emotional ovation for injured skater
Hamilton helping others beat cancer
Last year's runner-up still regarded as outsider
This guy is anything but typical
Skater defies death twice, vows to compete once again
ISU President against format change
French couple leads in Ice dance
Berezhnaya, Sikharulidze win pairs
Slutskaya and Butyrskaya lead their groups
Slutskaya tops skating qualifying program
Yagudin wins short program
Yagudin, with broken bone, leads
Russian men are key in ice dance
The Excitement And Expense Of Skating Grows
French Tobel to turn professional

January 2000
Skaters converge on Cleveland to compete in U.S. Championships
Elvis Stojko soars to early lead in Canadian figures
Canada women battle for World Figure Sakting berths
Slutskaya latest threat to overtake Kwan
Danger on ice
Figure skating jumps to greater difficulty
Russians impress at Grand Prix Final
Irina Slutskaya upsets Kwan, captures gold
Slutskaya beats Kwan
Ready to Rock
Slutskaya triumphs in Grand Prix Final
Kwan wins first round in Grand Prix Final
Kwan holds off strong East European contingent
Kwan laments new Grand Prix format
Something old, something new
Broken boot keeps Yagudin out of the Grand Prix Final
Paired for success
Hamill, 43, glides nimbly into Champions on Ice
Teen skating into a new world
Surprises, injuries aplenty in season's first half
Grand Prix final will be a unique test
Kwan beats World champion Marya Butyrskaya
Skater Kwan wins Odyssey Cup
Kwan, Yagudin win Odyssey Cup titles
Wonderful Odyssey

December 1999
How sports stars will spend New Year's eve (scroll down to Michelle Kwan & Michael Weiss)
Judges too enamored with quadruple jumps
Smooth Lipinski takes first major pro title
Lipinski wins first pro title
Browning impresses but comes up short on the clock
Figure Skating shorts
Quad jumps land Goebel in spotlight

November 1999
Russia nearly sweeps women's
Urmanov added to Pro skating field
Canadian entries appear headed for Lyon
Butyrskaya leads after short program
How television has changed figure skating
Russian wins men's skating title
Plushenko doubles up at Nations Cup
Nicole Bobek withdraws from Nations Cup
Oksana the Anti-Princess
Tonya Harding seeks backers
Yagudin wins Skate Canada
Warming up the ice
Star Power Overwhelms Fans
Kwan wins gold, then goes back to UCLA
Michelle Kwan wins again
Kwan struggles but wins gold at Skate Canada
Kwan wins Skate Canada gold
Robinson flashes back to Canada's good old skating days
Russians bite the bullet
Focused Kwan takes the early lead
World champions win pairs gold
Skating fashion becoming an ice-sore
Kwan on way to victory
Skate Canada: five world champions to compete
Kwan takes aim at third Skate Canada title
Skate Canada launched careers of Stojko and Kwan
Elvis skates into town
Canadian skaters look on bright side

September/October 1999
Kwan golden among women
Kwan reigns supreme again
Kwan wins, Goebel sets new standard
Yagudin wins the men's, Kwan takes the women's
Kwan skates her way into first
The quad squad
Pair shines at Skate America
Grievance against Callaghan dismissed
Grown up Kwan shines at Skate America
Hartsells come up short
Career and college a juggle for Kwan
Gosselin Canada's new hope
Olympic silver haunts teen queen Kwan
Hartsells: Artists at work on new season
Kwan's balancing act tougher than a triple axel
Goebel hopes good things come
Is Harding as good as gold?
Wylie gets an ice start to career
Dancing's dynamic duo
Wagner and Paul were hot on the ice
A love story on ice
Kwan unveils new short program
Harding will try to have fun in pro debut
Success at juniors no guarantee for stardom
Kwan set to face Butyrskaya
Figure skater Binnebose in coma after practice fall
Sober Baiul is feeling golden again
Famed Russian pairs coach in US
Canadian junior teams reach podium
Weiss finds balance
Young figure skaters to receive helping hand from past stars
Kwan receives 6.0 at Keri Lotion Figure Skating Classic
Kwan posts smooth Keri Lotion win
Non Olympians to compete in Winter Goodwills
Now, isn't she lovely?
Harding ready to skate in West Virginia
Kerrigan in her element

Summer 1999
Kwan embarks on college journey
Michelle Kwan Press Conference Notes and Quotes
Kwan Confirms Partcipation in National Car Rental Skate America '99
Kings skate into Forum history
Kwan back in Skate America
Salt Lake City's Welch Unlikely to Get a Deal
Skaters set to lose financial backing
Canadian champion figure skaters to thrill fans
Weiss leads U.S. at Skate America '99
Australia hopes to keep World Championships
Ticket Prices Set for Games
Browning, Witt top roster for the Grand Slam of Figure Skating
Top skaters in the world to compete at the Grand Slam of Skating
Figure Skating Championship Moved
Skating Season Off to a Bumpy Beginning
"Cold War" Returns With Keri Lotion Classic
Kwan Launches New Book for Kids
Urmanov retires from figure skating competition
High profile: Tara Lipinski
Nam's figure skating obstacle is age
Kids' Questions to Sarah Hughes
Just Naomi
Scott Hamilton wows Simi Valley crowd
Tough road faces Elvis
Brunet leaves ice for school
Lipinski, Kulik to appear at skating clinic
Elvis stays an amateur
Stojko resists riches, remains an amateur
Long skate the King: Elvis says he'll stick around
Stojko will try for fourth world title
Turin gets 2006 Games in a rancorous choice
Yagudin gets one-year probation
Yagudin denies drinking problem
Good news for Bourne
Determination on ice at state games
The new face of a role model
An interview with Michelle Kwan
Bobek comes to Delta Center ice finally
Kwan, Yagudin to compete at Skate Canada
Michelle Kwan's figure skating championship 

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