Buy some music (or just listen to samples) that A&P skated to with! More links will be added soon.
Note: this music store is there only to help A&P fans to find CDs of music they have skated to. It's not a business for me at all (I only get a small account, 5% of the sales) so don't consider this site as a commercial site.

"Beethoven's Last Night"
From the CD
Beethoven's Last Night by the Trans Siberian Orchestra price: $12.58

"Carmina Burana"
From the CD
Orff: Carmina Burana; Ravel: Bolero price: $11.49

"Tres Deseos" - music from 1999/2000 Latin combination OD
From the CD
Abriendo Puertas- Gloria Estefan (track # 2) price: $11.99

"Nostalgia de Palmeras" - music from 1999/2000 Latin combination OD
From the CD
Mi vida es cantar - Celia Cruz (track # 6) price: $13.27

"Dance my Esmeralda"
From the CD
Notre-Dame de Paris (track # 22) price: $13.99

"The Man in The Iron Mask"
From the CD
The Man In The Iron Mask: music from the United Artists Motion Picture (tracks # 1&2) price: $ 13.99

"Time to say goodbye"
From the CD
Time to say goodbye / Sarah Brightman (track # 1) price: $ 12.99

"Romeo & Juliet"
From the CD
Prokofiev: Romeo & Juliet price: $14.99

"Still loving you"
From the CD
Best of Rockers 'N' Ballads (track # 3) price: $13.99

From the CD
Borrasca - Ottmar Liebert price: $12.99


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